Ways To Make An Effective Argumentative Essay- Score Higher!


An argumentative essay sample is a kind of academic essays that presents arguments on both sides of an issue. A user needs to keep his/her view while writing a persuasive, argumentative essay. In simple words, it covers both the hands of a point where a user needs it supports equally or one side. Mostly it is given by the colleges/schools as an assignment to students for checking their creativity level. Students need to make it creative for scoring higher as compared to other users. If you are the one who needs to achieve higher numbers, then stays focused on the mentioned content.

Structure of an argumentative essay

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Counterargument
  • Conclusion


A user needs to put more efforts while making the introduction part as it should be an attention grabber. With the help of exciting introduction, a user can grab the attention of the public to read it and to take an interest in it. To make introduction effective one can try: –

  • Hook- it is a kind of statement or first line that grabs the reader’s attention. For example,” for those interested candidates who need to earn more money quickly should recognition on the mentioned topic.”
  • Background information- in this part, a user needs to say some background information on a selected item. Try to add up more questions in this part also mention their answers to create interest of readers. Don’t use dull questions as it may destroy the reader interest.
  • Thesis- it is the last sentence of the introduction, which means the main idea of the particular topic. A Thesis can be done by exploring more ideas, which shows supportive statements. A user needs to give a reason or central purpose of making an argumentative essay writer.

Develop the argument

Now once you have completed the introduction part, a user needs to develop the argument on which the entire topic will be written. In simple words, when the subject is selected, you need to make arguments on it. One can fill the given statements in this part: –

  • Claim- it is a statement made by the student to support the entire work.
  • Evidence- once you complete the claims, there is a need to show the supportive evidence that it is the proof of claim. Evidence is like a piece of factual information from reliable sources which contains the proof of each claim.

Don’t forget to do proper research on the argumentative essay sample for scoring higher numbers.